Filter Coffee Experiments

Having an inquisitive mind, experimental knowledge and a caffeine addiction can result in a rather interesting methodological approach to creating  a filtering system. Since our filter machine died, and the instant coffee had depleted, we needed to create a bespoke machine to create our beloved cup of java (coffee). And in case you are ever stranded without a filter machine yourself, here are the instructions on how to produce it yourself (Please keep in mind that Jacques Chueke – my partner in crime – and I have filed for a patent in 30 different countries):

1) Pierce a hole through a paper, heat resistant, cup.

2) Insert 2combined filters  (filled with grounded coffee) in the cup, letting the filter rest at the bottom of the cup to avoid tearing from the weight of the water.

3) Place the cup with inset filter into the opening of a (newly opened) toilet role. This will allow the coffee to drip from a height rather than completely be soaked in the cup. It will also allow you to use a cup with a wider mouth.

4) Balance the above concoction on top your cup, making sure that the hole on the paper cup is centred on yours .

5) Poor your boiling water (slowly) into the filter, allowing for it to filter. DO NOT OVERFILL THE FILTER. WAIT UNTIL THE WATER IS DEPLETED BEFORE ADDING MORE.

6) Enjoy your coffee…

Custom made filter machine.


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